Hi there! Welcome to Bohemian Guitar Studio – I’m KD, your resident guitar expert. I’ve personally been playing guitar for over 25 years, having started at a very young age and as we all do, eventually developing a full blown obsession with learning all things guitar. With the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve had to the practical tutorials and straight forward coaching approach I employ at my vocal studio www.bohemianvocalstudio, it’s time I started sharing my approach to guitarplaying with you too!

Learning any instrument is a process of balance and control that occurs over time with consistent practice and perseverance, and I’ve always felt there was a huge disconnect between being a complete beginner learning chords, and being an absolute shred-monster. While there are tons of shred courses out there, and tons of absolute beginner videos of YouTube showing you the basics like how to play chords – I’m hoping to fill the intermediate void that connects the two halves of your guitar journey in a practical and efficient manner.

Guitar has been a lifelong love of mine, so I hope to spark the same passion and drive in you that I feel towards great guitar playing. You’re welcome to ask me a question at any point using the reply button down below and I’ll help you with your progress. Remember, learning how to play guitar takes time and patience, but most of all, you need a practical approach that is designed for the style you wish to play.

If you have any questions or feedback, you’re welcome to leave any feedback or questions below!