Hi, I’m KD from Bohemian Guitar Studio – I’ve been running Bohemian Vocal Studio for over 5 years now, and previous to this I was a private guitar tutor in my hometown. With the hugely positive response I’ve had providing Skype sessions with Bohemian Vocal and the free tutorials I’ve made available on my website and YouTube, I decided it was high time I got back on the guitar coaching horse and set up a matching studio for all things guitar – so here goes… Welcome to Bohemian Guitar Studio!

I started out like most 70’s/80’s kids listening to guitar driven rock like Van Halen, Metallica and AC/DC and deciding “I want to do THAT!”, I took lessons for a number of years with various coaches, from Jazz and Classical right through to an awesome heavy metal guitar tutor who taught me all about tapping, legato, building dexterity and range my playing, and how to build that ever elusive “speed” and “chops”.

What is the secret to powerful guitar playing?

I’ll tell you a little secret – honestly, the best thing I ever did was stop taking regular lessons, and start treating my favourite players as my own personal coach, my favourite leads as extensive study pieces and most importantly, I became a student of my own playing. I got a copy of the “Surfing with the Alien” and “Rust in Peace” guitar tab books and just locked myself in my room after school and played them over and over again and started building a repertoire of favourite licks, cool techniques and fluid ability that I’m hoping to share with you here on Bohemian Guitar Studio!

My own personal style has developed over the years and I’m a particular fan of players like Freddie King who manage a little bit of chaos within a whole lotta soul. The chops I built in my youth are more at my disposal and the speed is still on tap – but I’ve realised great guitar playing is a lot like great singing. Sure, screaming and distortion are super cool, but it’s everything in between and the vocal lines that lead up to the big notes that truly make a great singer, just as the fluid guitar lines and melodies are just as important as the flurry of notes in your guitar solos!

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